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The Parish of Harpenden Goes Digital

Our Parish Mission Statement says that we are “Connecting with God’s love in new and imaginative ways”.  For many, using the internet and social media as an everyday tool isn’t at all strange, but for some it will be a whole new aspect to church life.  We hope that by embracing technology and social media, we will be able to reach out to others not currently in our Parish community, but also to give you a new way of interacting with Parish life, and showing the world what we do.

We have a new Twitter account, Facebook page, Pinterest boards, Blog, and soon a re-launched website.  They will all focus on the Parish with info on individual churches on the website, and hopefully other forms of media will be involved later.  While much of the content will be generated by the clergy and readers, we want you to feel involved as well.

Please follow us on Twitter: @ParishHarpenden
Here we hope to post times of services and events, as well as interact with those in the community

Please “Like” our Facebook page:
Look here for more information and pictures, and let us know what you would like to see here.

Please follow our Pinterest boards:
Here we will be pinning pictures of the churches, a display of the remarkable kneelers at St Nicholas (they’re all unique), children’s artwork…..and any other images reflecting God’s creation within our Parish Community.  We would love your ideas and images.

Please read the Blog: (here – you’ve found it!).  The Blog is a place to find the thoughts of not only the clergy and readers – but also a place to enter into discussion about what is posted.

You will also find the Advent “Waiting” images across all the sites from December 1st.

Please join us on our digital journey.  We can’t do it without you.  Let us know what YOU want to see there, and help us reach into the community in a new and imaginative way.  It would be great if you could tell others where to find us as well.
Equally if you or someone you know simply doesn’t understand any of this but would like to, we hope to offer some “social media clinics” to help you figure it all out, and have a go at engaging with our new online community.  Please let me know if you’re interested in this.
If you have any activity associated with the Parish you want featured please email me at
Rachel Wakefield