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Age of Marmite: The challenge of unity in this age

Imagine a time, maybe thirty, forty….a hundred years from now, when children will be sat in history lessons.  The teacher patiently takes them through a timeline of how the the world developed.  
Ice Age, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age…….20th Century……Marmite Age.
Yes, I am decreeing the time we are currently living in, as the Marmite Age.
Marmite is usually used as an example of things people either really dislike, or utterly adore.  
People are rarely ambivalent about it.  
Why the age of Marmite?  Well I don’t meant that Marmite is our new way of developing and building things, as in previous historical eras.  No….the Age of Marmite is to do with the Age of Opinion.
Last year we saw people on both sides of the Atlantic make big decisions.  We have elections regularly – we live in a democracy, so no surprise there.  But this year the decisions made – the voting outcomes – seem to have provoked results which you really do, either love or loathe.  It is very hard to maintain a neutral position.
Whether we are talking about Brexit or the election of President Trump… tends to be a Marmite response.  Love it or loathe it.
Now we live in a democracy,  so no matter which opinion you hold…we are now living with the outcome…and we have to live together.

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