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Link magazine

A parish magazine called ‘LINK’ is published monthly. It is a splendidly produced magazine, with colour, that covers a whole host of news, topics and areas of parish interest. It is financially supported by carrying advertising for local businesses and by a modest subscription of £1 each or £7.50 per year for 2018 (11 issues);  If you’ve not seen it yet, pick up a copy from one of the churches, or if they’ve all gone contact the Parish Office.

We are experimenting with having a stripped down version of the latest magazine edition available on the parish website. It’s not the same experience as getting your hands on a paper copy, but nonetheless does offer a bit of a picture of parish activities for those outside the parish. For data protection and personal privacy, this web edition has gaps where sensitive information or pictures are present in the printed version.  Take a look here for the latest version —