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What Christians believe – and how to find out more …

Christians are those who find that through the person of Jesus Christ they have been brought to God, and who try to follow Christ’s teaching and example.

Jesus Christ lived in what is now the Middle East and was executed by being nailed to a cross in about AD 30. He was put on trial for speaking out about his beliefs and criticising the values of his society. To the amazement of his followers, who witnessed his death, three days later he was raised from the dead. This experience transformed the lives of a group of very ordinary men and women. They had seen the triumph of good over evil. Christianity had begun.

We believe that on the cross, Jesus who was without sin took our sin and death upon himself. In his resurrection he broke down the barrier of death and opened the way to eternal life. To those who trust and follow him he offers new life and a new start, the promise of his Holy Spirit to guide us, strengthen us and enable us to live according to his example and teaching.

It is the presence of the Holy Spirit which Christians believe supports and leads the Church in its mission to share the Good News of the Gospels. We know that no-one is perfect and that everyone makes mistakes. We all do. But we believe God forgives us when we say sorry to him as we try to learn from what we have
done wrong.

We don’t have all the answers. Only God does. By entering into a relationship with God, through his Son, Jesus, we look to serve him better with the life he has given us. Life itself now has a new meaning.

Once a person has accepted that God cares for them, they look at other people in a new way – for God is equally concerned for each of us. Prayer – talking to and listening to God – is also for everyone, and for Christians it is the way we communicate with God our Father. He speaks to us today through his Holy Spirit, through the Bible, through prayer and through other Christians.

All the important things in life – work, sex, money, politics, relationships – are of concern to God. Human beings are trusted by God to be generous with their lives.

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