All Saints’ Repair Fair

Excitement on social media is already growing about All Saints’ first Repair Fair, to take place on Saturday 19th Feb between 2 and 5pm.

We will be attempting to fix anything electrical that you can carry, from toasters to laptops, toothbrushes to radios, battery operated toys to table lamps, and more besides!

We will also be offering bike servicing and repair, and mending and alterations to clothes and fabrics.

Please book your repair using the button below. This is both to ensure we can fit you in (if at all possible) but also to avoid a Covid risk from overcrowding.

We are not professionals and can offer no guarantees, but will do our best in the time available to fix your item, or to advise you of your best options.

We are motivated by the shocking quantities of electrical and electronic waste being produced. Much of it is not recycled, some ending up being incinerated in the 3rd world in unhealthy conditions, when many items could actually be fixed relatively easily. The carbon footprint of manufacturing replacement items is enormous, not to mention the depletion of scarce minerals.

This event is being organised as part of All Saints’ EcoChurch project, in conjunction with the newly formed St Albans District Fixers and Sustainable St Albans.


  • Derek Chelley


    I have an old mini hi-fi system where the CD skips sometimes, but the radio and the speakers are fine. I don’t want it to end up in landfill, but I don’t need it anymore. a) do you think you might be able to fix it, and b) do you know of any charities or other worthy causes that might want it?


    • Philip LeRiche

      Hi Derek –
      Once a CD player starts doing that, or failing to recognise a disk, I think it’s usually terminal unless it’s just a matter of dust on the lens. I think maybe the laser ages after a while since it packs a lot of power into a minute space. I think the best thing might be to offer it as it is on Freegle or Freecycle. Maybe someone would be glad of it as a radio. I agree, not good to send it to landfill unless there’s no other option.
      Best regards – Philip

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