Mothers Union

The Parish of Harpenden Mothers’ Union (which dates from 1895) normally meets every third Wednesday of the month at 8pm and on every last Thursday of the month at 2.15pm. and is part of a International Christian Charity.

Mothers Union Harpenden Banner

We have approximately 53 members, some of whom do not regularly attend meetings; but they each receive a bi-monthly Newsletter.  Members are invited to St Albans Diocesan MU events where we learn what is happening around the Diocese and further afield.  Members also receive a Diocesan magazine three times a year and also publications from our headquarters in London.

As members of the worldwide Mothers’ Union our principles are founded on the support of marriage and family life and is rooted in prayer.

We generally have a speaker for our meetings, but also we may have a Meditation or just a social gathering.

The Committee keep in touch with their particular members and see that they are well, or in need of help and/or prayer.

Branch Contact:  Christine Wright, who can be contacted via the Parish Office.