Carbon Fast for Lent

Like to do something a bit different this year during Lent? Why not take part in a ‘Carbon Fast’ challenge

Why not take part in a ‘Carbon Fast’ challenge?

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As part of our Eco church objectives as we strive towards our Silver award, we are trying to encourage as many of the congregation of St Mary who are willing/able to take part in this Lent challenge. See below for details – hope that you can join us!


Deanery Lent Retreat

Deanery Lent Retreat: Join others across the deanery for a morning Lent retreat at St Mary’s Church, Kinsbourne Green, AL5 3QE, with a light lunch at the end.

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The Revd Becky Leach from St Stephen’s Church, St Albans, will be our guest speaker. Time to pray and reflect.

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Photo by Ahna Ziegler on Unsplash