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  • Derek Chelley


    I have an old mini hi-fi system where the CD skips sometimes, but the radio and the speakers are fine. I don’t want it to end up in landfill, but I don’t need it anymore. a) do you think you might be able to fix it, and b) do you know of any charities or other worthy causes that might want it?


    • Philip LeRiche

      Hi Derek –
      Once a CD player starts doing that, or failing to recognise a disk, I think it’s usually terminal unless it’s just a matter of dust on the lens. I think maybe the laser ages after a while since it packs a lot of power into a minute space. I think the best thing might be to offer it as it is on Freegle or Freecycle. Maybe someone would be glad of it as a radio. I agree, not good to send it to landfill unless there’s no other option.
      Best regards – Philip