Thanks from Arrata

Dear friends, the team at Aratta, and all those they support, in Chernihiv and Chernihiv Oblast in the North of Ukraine, would like to send you their most grateful and sincere thanks for your donations. We are currently distributing the aid, sent via Tony and Philip at British Humanitarian Aid, to those with the greatest needs; over 80 yrs, severely handicapped, displaced persons and those with damaged homes are all included. The queues are starting to form at 8am, though we only open at 10am. Many are desperate for help as there is little or no state support available.

Although the Russian Troops were kept out of the city centre by our valiant defenders, shelling and air attacks caused much damage. Some suburbs were almost obliterated while being robbed. Many schools, kindergartens and hospitals were destroyed or severely damaged.

We have been told by the authorities that the damaged water, gas and electricity supplies cannot be guaranteed for the forthcoming winter. Our major stores were ransacked and wrecked. Most of our smaller shops are now closed as many owners left the city, so even basic supplies are extremely hard to find. Damage to the transport routes, and the general disruption, throughout the country hinders re-supplying the region.

            The contributions we receive from all those who support us, via BHA, bring a ray of sunshine into our uncertain lives, as we struggle to rebuild our communities. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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